Pygame.error Display Mode Not Set

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Line 8 creates a GUI window by calling the set_mode() method in the pygame.display module. (The display module is a module inside the pygame module.

pygame.event.pump — internally process pygame event handlers: pygame.event.get — get events from the queue: pygame.event.poll — get a single event from the queue

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under macosx, i got with "pygame.error: File is not a Windows BMP #. file". documentation said: The image module is a required dependency #. def initialiseGame(): global screen,empty,clock screen = pygame.display.set_mode(constants.SCREENRECT.size,DOUBLEBUF | FULLSCREEN) empty.

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RESIZABLE ) pygame.display.set_caption( "Plotter" ) self.screen.fill( self.bgcolor ). titleScreen(done, clock) while not done: for event in pygame.event.get(): if. RESIZABLE try: pygame.display.init() except pygame.error as e: raise. Logger. debug('WinPygame: Set window to fake fullscreen mode') self.flags |= pygame.

pygame.display.set_mode() will close the previous display. If precise control is needed. returns true if there's data, or false if not. poll() -> Bool raises a MidiException on error. read(). 93. Pygame Documentation, Release 1.9.2.

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pygame.display — Pygame v1.9.2 documentation – Changes are not immediately visible onscreen; you must choose one of the two. If a new display mode is set, the existing Surface will automatically switch to. are available since SDL 1.2.10, and pygame 1.8.0) They are -1 on error, or if an.

Setting the display mode in pygame is an easier task than with most graphic libraries. The advantage is if your display mode is not available, pygame will emulate the display mode that you asked for.

However, on upgrading to slackware 14 I get the following error: pygame.error: Cannot set 0 sized display mode. I note however that later in the program an object created with fails – current_w does not exist.

Feb 24, 2011. def get_sprite(self): if not self.converted: try: self.sprite = self.sprite.convert_alpha () except pygame.error: pass else: self.converted = True return.

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